Organ Recipients say Hallelujah, Everyday

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If You Wouldn’t Want to Wait

My Person Is A Life Saver Photo Contest

Badge of Honor

When you edge up to being squarely middle aged, it can get harder to find body parts that make you wicked proud.  Thanks to living organ donation, I have a new one.  My scar.  It is that thing of which I […]

Where Were You?

One day, long long ago, signing up to donate life was about being at the DMV.  Today, you can donate from literally anywhere. On your couch. In a line at your grocery store. Floating in your pool. On your patio, sipping […]

On Donating at Baylor, In Hindsight

Baylor Gift of Life Ceremony in honor of living organ donors. April 26, 2015

TED TALK: Why Sign Up?

How Transplants Work

Non-living donor transplant explained. Miraculous stuff, simply stated.  By, the US Department of Health and Human Services. http://  

The Power of a Team

Early on, share. Share your story, your worries, the good and the bad. It’s natural to keep troubles and worries close. Don’t. Early on, a doctor told my in-need-of-a-liver sister to go home and tell five friends and at least […]