Early on, share. Share your story, your worries, the good and the bad.

It’s natural to keep troubles and worries close. Don’t.

Early on, a doctor told my in-need-of-a-liver sister to go home and tell five friends and at least one person in a house she could see from her front door what she was going through. It becomes clear fast that sharing tough stuff brings nothing but good thoughts, support, offers of help, and with those things, the important feeling that you are not swimming alone in the middle of a big dark ocean. You are surrounded.

Soon after that, we shared the road ahead on social media. Its followers formed the base of the Team. Everyone who had anything at all to do with our story was put on the Team, too. Doctors, the folks who wheeled my sister to various tests and the nice people who cleaned her hospital room, everyone.  Everyone has a story, and they care about yours. Just let them in on it.

We gave people on the Team party favors. Candy, pens, clip on flowers. As a little thanks, and with the hope that they would keep good wishes coming.

The Team helps carry the worry. And makes reasons to celebrate, even if little or momentary, feel bigger and happier.

Nearly everyone you meet – and everyone on your Team – has a story. When you share yours openly and without edits, the more likely to get the benefit of others’ stories. They are all different. But there is something in everyone of them that will boost you, or direct you, or comfort you.  So, share.