Our events are a way to raise money to benefit living organ donors and their recipients. 

And to have some fun. 

Events in support of organ donation are a celebration of life. 

Because that is what organ donation is all about. 

Thinking about hosting a fundraising event for LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc.?  Great idea!  Organize a fun activity, big or small, for your friends, co-workers or your larger community.  A walk, a dinner, a movie night, anything enjoyable.  It’s a great way to bring people together and provide a tax-deductible opportunity to support living organ donors.  Contact us and we’ll talk more about it.

Remember this: sometimes, a living organ donor needs something as simple as help to pay for food during recovery away from home, or for gas to get back and forth to a transplant center.

Small acts are giant.  No contribution is too small.