LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. works through transplant co-ordinaters/social workers associated with transplant centers recognized by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

Transplant centers, through social workers or living donor transplant co-ordinator, submit requests to LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. on behalf of patients in need in order to seek one-time funding assistance based on fund availability and need.  LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. works directly with transplant centers and does not communicate with patients.

What you should do. If your economic circumstance is an impediment to pursuing the living donor option, talk to a transplant co-ordinator or social worker at your transplant center.

What your transplant coordinator or social worker should do.

Get In Touch With Us. Your transplant center living donor coordinator or social worker should set up a time to talk with us in the first instance about some basic information we will need.  To set up a time to talk, the living donor transplant coordinator or social worker should send an email to

After we talk, the transplant co-ordinator or social worker will fill out the form provided below, collect financial information and put together an estimate, with supporting documentation, of non-medical expenses directly related to the transplant that are challenging the living donor’s ability to move forward.  These might include travel, lodging or lost wages directly related to the donation.  An initial conversation may allow us to identify other information or validating documentation we believe we will need even before we review the initial application form.  This is likely to help to save the transplant center and donor time and expedite the process.

Fill Out An Application Form.  The transplant facility should then provide information to LIVE ON by submitting a completed copy of this LIVE ON Application Form to

Provide Further Documentation As Requested. After we receive and review preliminary information in the application form, we will be in touch with the transplant center living donor co-ordinator or social worker about other information or verification documents we will need to consider the application. These documents might include, for example, a pay stub, communication from the donor’s employer about paid time off, information about grants (the amount and expense covered) from other organizations and other validating documents.

The transplant center living donor co-ordinator or social worker should send a note to if there are any problems accessing the Application Form through the link above, for an editable application form, or for other information.

Questions? The transplant living donor co-ordinator or social worker should reach out to us at