LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes organ donation awareness and provides support to living organ donors and recipients.  All donations to LIVE ON are tax exempt.

LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. works through social workers associated with transplant centers recognized by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. Social workers submit requests to LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. on behalf of patients in need in order to seek one-time funding assistance based on fund availability and need. LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. works directly with social workers at transplant centers and does not communicate with patients.

  • For Living Organ Donors and their recipients: Grants based on fund availability for out-of-pocket expenses during organ donation surgery and/or the recovery period. Social workers must submit requests in advance of the date of surgery and expect payment on or about the day of surgery.  For recipients, grants may also be used for insurance premiums to secure continued insurance coverage or co-payments or for expenses directly related to the transplant.

LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc. reviews each request and makes a determination about grants at its sole discretion based on need and fund availability.

From time to time and based on an assessment of circumstances and other factors, LIVE ON Organ Donation Inc. may hold fundraisers in support of a particular patient if a patient is geographically proximate to LIVE ON Organ Donation Inc.’s resources.