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LIVE ON Organ Donation, Inc.

Providing support to ease living donations

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Every day
people die waiting
sometimes, living organ donors can end the wait
and save a life
it takes time and money
and a hand from others
like you and me

LIVE ON organ donation, Inc.

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Providing economic and other support

So they can focus on the transplant

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Needs Help
From bills to rides. Child care to errands.

A little support provides big relief

Donate the Gift of Life 

Nearly 124,000 people are awaiting organ transplants in the U.S.  Every day, some die waiting.  Needing a transplant sounds like something that happens in other people’s families.  When it happened in ours, we discovered miracles.  Of medicine.  Of people.  Of giving.  Of getting.  Register to donate. Be part of a miracle. 


Sign up as an organ donor on line in your state’s donor registry.
It’s that easy. It’s also helpful to: Designate your decision on your driver’s license.
Tell your family. Tell your friends and your doctor.
Include donation in your living will. Yes, you should have one of those.


No one is too old or too young. Babies and seniors have been organ donors. Doctors will evaluate things when the time comes, so don’t exclude yourself. And, all major religions in the U.S. support organ donation and view it as an act of love and generosity. All set there.


Some organs and tissues can be donated while you are alive. Give a kidney. The one you keep does the job. Give a part of your liver. The part you keep and the part you give regrows. The decision to be a living donor is a very personal one and a very big one. Lots to weigh, together with medical and other professionals.


Circumstances around living organ donation can be incredibly emotional. Ultimately, decisions need to be based on facts. The United Network for Organ Sharing compiles data on a national, state and transplant center basis. Reviewing the data is a tremendous way to learn and help formulate questions.

Drink. Talk. Save Lives. $25, tax deductible. Proceeds support living donors' non-medical expenses. Go to Events link.

Help a living organ donor with non-medical expenses here, through Paypal.  No need for a Paypal account to do it.  Easy.  If you prefer paper and the U.S mail, see the Donate page for information.



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“I’m now on the other side of this experience. I have a second chance at life; not metaphorically, not figuratively, but very literally….There may be some “better place” that we all go to when it’s over, who knows, but you can’t really tell me there’s a better place than this.” Kristin Hunt Wolff

“Once you’ve given someone a big piece of your heart, it’s easy to throw in a little bit of liver.” First living liver donor,  for her daughter.